Monday, January 11, 2010

False Solutions: Capitalism is the Crisis

Birth of a hero is a free version of Avant Gard, which I can not afford, please just ignore the paint splatters or you could cut out the paint splatters but they might not show up.

Any ways ready for print 11 X 17

also I am gonna put links of PDF's up soon so that way if people only have 8.5 by 11 they can force to a printable area and and not fuck up the design to much playing with it in open office or Microsoft word. Any way's hope y'all enjoy.


We Oppose White Supremists: just to be clear

To be clear we have no interest in white supremacists and none of our designs can or should be used for racist propaganda. That would not be "okay." Just to be clear, we are for revolt, we are some prole ass hoodlums, but we are for class war, and stuff, not a race war. This is (hopefully) gonna be our only non-graphic based post, we don't want to write theory, we want to throw up some graphics.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Obama Capitalism

For real though Obama is a capitalist just like anyone else
print on 11 x 17 paper.


And smash the state.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

the economy

The economy, an extra stencil.

300 DPI ready for print on 11 x 17 paper, please enjoy.

Hope Stencil

We always knew obama's promises were a sham. Now, we understand what he really meant by hope. Starting wars over well, underpants I guess.

we understand the anti-war movement is dead and we almost have no interest in it. We just kinda like playing with
well vectors with war imagery though we think have some meltdown stuff might be fun as well.

But for many working class youth military service is an attempt to escape their class. While we know, and understand, this is bullshit but lets get serious for a second how can we talk about being class revolts and not even talk about how recruiters are prying on our family members.

Also this is 300 DPI ready for print on 11 X 17 paper.

IDK oh well.



It's Obama War Stencil

It's not just Bush, it's the whole god damn system.

Stealth bomber (a modern symbol of war) with the Obama campaign logo on it.

If you want:

The PNG is for 11 x 17 paper and 300 DPI.

Much love, stay out of trouble.


Obama: Fail Stencil or Poster

It's not like we ever had faith in Obama, nor did we ever really want to be apart of the Obama movement during the election. We more wanted an "I told you so."

Inspired by Obama's escalation in Afganistan, and failure to bring the troops home. As well as his handling of the economy.

What we really just need to win a revolution not win an election for there to be "change," what ever change means anyways.

We have no interest in see him or really anyone as president in the future.

Email me if you want the PDF in 11 x 17 if you wanna wheat paste other wise the current PNG file is a 8.5 by 11 stencil, ready to roll.

Also I figured people could figure out some of the places to put support lines to make stencil stronger.

I designed it for the black parts to be cut out, have fun and stay out of trouble.